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Merlot Wine.

Buy Merlot Wine . The Merlot Grape is a dark blueish-black color that goes great in a blend or as a stand-alone varietal. It is an easy-to-drink red wine with medium tannins, making it a great choice for many meal pairings.

Merlot Red Wine. The Merlot Grape is one of the main grape varietals in a Bordeaux wine and it is one of the most popular wine grapes in the world. Merlot can also help soften a Cabernet Sauvignon with its softness and early grape ripening.

Red Wine Merlot, In the glass, you’re going to notice a soft texture with medium tannins on the tongue. In a cool growth climate, you may experience taste of strawberry, plum, tobacco, and earthy notes such as cedar. The perfect food pairing for Merlot depends on the type of Merlot that is being drank. A merlot that is closer to a Cabernet Sauvignon will pair well with grilled meat such as Lamb. The softer Merlots are going to pair well with a large variety of foods, including Salmon, pasta, pizza, etc.

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Merlot Wine Price, While Merlot is made across the globe, there tend to be two main styles. The “International style” favored by many New World wine regions tends to emphasize late harvesting to gain physiological ripeness and produce inky, purple colored wines that are full in body with high alcohol and lush, velvety tannins with intense, plum and blackberry fruit.

Best Merlot Wine, While this international style is practiced by many Bordeaux wine producers, the traditional “Bordeaux style” of Merlot involves harvesting Merlot earlier. This maintains the acidity and produces more medium-bodied wines with moderate alcohol levels that have fresh, red fruit flavors (raspberries, strawberries) and potentially leafy, vegetal notes.

Buy Merlot Wine, Merlot used to be more popular, but recent wine-drinking trends have led to growth in Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.  Despite these trends, Merlot makes excellent blending wines to soften out the more structured and powerful Cabernet Sauvignon, and as a delicious dry red table wine in its own right.

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Buy Merlot Wine, The earliest recorded mention of Merlot (under the synonym of Merlau) was in the notes of a local Bordeaux official who in 1784 labeled wine made from the grape in the Libournais region as one of the area’s best.

Merlot Red Wine, In 1824, the word Merlot itself appeared in an article on Médoc wine which mentioned that the grape was named after the local black bird (called merlau in the local variant of Occitan language, merle in standard French) who liked eating the ripe grapes on the vine. Other descriptions of the grape from the 19th century called the variety lou seme doù flube (meaning “the seedling from the river”) with the grape thought to have originated on one of the islands found along the Garonne river.

Buy Merlot Wine, An elegant, classic style of Merlot with distinctive plum flavours and soft tannins. Dark ruby-red with aromas of plum, cherry and tobacco spices, complemented by savoury and earthy notes typical of Merlot.

On the palate, the wine is soft with gentle tannins and hints of dark chocolate and blueberry. The finish is long and lingering. This medium-bodied wine will be wonderful just by itself or paired with roast chicken, lamb stew, lasagne and barbeques

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Best Merlot Wine, Merlot grapes are identified by their loose bunches of large berries. The color has less of a blue/black hue than Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and with a thinner skin and fewer tannins per unit volume. It normally ripens up to two weeks earlier than Cabernet Sauvignon. Also compared to Cabernet, Merlot grapes tend to have a higher sugar content and lower malic acid. Ampelographer J.M.

Buy Merlot Wine, Boursiquot has noted that Merlot has seemed to inherit some of the best characteristics from its parent varieties—its fertility and easy ripening ability from Magdeleine Noire des Charentes and its color, tannin and flavor phenolic potential from Cabernet Franc.


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